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Abadin BB Fasting Retreat in Ontario Authentic Therapeutic Water Fasting Retreat Ontario For Information on Rates please scroll down! Imagine you could get away from your busy stressful life and stay at a Fasting Retreat...


We have disabled the contact form since we have retired but want to still keep the website packed with information open to the public. Please feel free to read the comprehensive information on our website....

My Healing Story

My (Shirley) battle with Wegener’s Granulomatosis and healing through Fasting I am suffering from a deadly and “incurable” autoimmune illness and almost died  December 2016 because of massive hemoptysis (Lung bleeding). The life expectancy was...

Frequently Asked Questions

Abadin BB Fasting Retreat in Ontario

Authentic Therapeutic Water Fasting Retreat Ontario
For Information on Rates please scroll down!
Imagine you could get away from your busy stressful life and stay at a
Fasting Retreat in small turn of the century home in Ontario
to experience the transforming, natural and healing power of Water
For just a few days or even for a week! Change your life by changing you body and mind – this is your chance to detox and restart your new and healthier life! Are you looking for an effective treatment to boost your metabolism and feel light and healthy again? We offer water fasting the most natural and health conscious way for detox and weight loss. The owners of the Abadin Fasting Retreat Ontario call Germany their birth country. Germany is known as the country which has a rich history of therapeutic fasting Retreat s. For centuries fasting was a well known as a religious form of asceticism as well as a therapeutic treatment. World wide known German fasting Retreat practices were the Kneipp Fasting Retreat, named after Sebastian Kneipp as well as the Johann Schroth Fasting Retreat. Fasting for health and weight loss has gained increasingly popularity for its powerful natural and effective way to detoxify and lose weight.

Fasting has more and more found its way also into the North American mainstream medical profession. Moving away from low fat and high carb health professionals have rediscovered the power and healing properties of ketosis, fasting and therefore autophagy. More and more research is done that proves that fasting has earned its legitimate place in healing illnesses of our modern world > diabetes (See Dr. Jason Fung), high blood pressure, immune diseases and even offers an amazing role in supporting the fight against cancer and at the same time in protecting the human body against the toxicity of chemotherapy. (See Prof Valter Longo )
The faster often report a sense of rejuvenation and renewed vitality, as well as mental clarity. Participants staying at our Abadin Water Fasting Retreat and fast in a comfortable private space with us being here to help answering questions and support you.
We ask you to read our comprehensive information – if you still have open questions please contact us by email. We will not be able to give supervision or answer questions by phone. We sadly had to experience that the phone calls for support and questions became too overwhelmingly time-consuming . Thanks for your understanding !
Ed and Shirley, the owners, have participated in long fasts themselves back in German spas and healing treatment facilities. They both started their own fasting routines for health reasons again after moving to Canada and can offer a wealth of knowledge to their guests. Discover the Abadin B&B as your perfect fasting retreat in Ontario and take the first step towards a new healthier life!
Shirley’s Personal Health Story and her success with Fasting. Books On Fasting click here !
What is Water Fasting?
Water fasting is a health and spiritual practice, where you drink water only for a certain period of time. People water-fast for a variety of reasons. Most people do water fasts to detox, cleanse their body, and lose weight. Water fasting is considered one of the best ways to release toxins from our bodies, it helps release negativities and promote emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. Our guests come to stay with us to water fast for the peaceful environment , as well as to eliminate distractions. While at home your family requires attention and food needs to be prepared there is always temptation to eat. Staying with us while fasting will give you the space to withstand temptation. Dr. Jason Fung , Nephrologist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada explains why calorie restriction does not work and why Fasting does work. Watch on Dr. Jason Fung – ‘Therapeutic Fasting’
Watch later Share You have to do the first step in a whole new and ground breaking direction!
This will change your life. You want to be healthy, happy and find your balance.
You want to leave lethargic, negative, scattered feeling behind.
You are tired of feeling lost, unhealthy, overweight, addicted to food or dependent on medication. Being depressed, having high blood pressure or diabetes is wearing not only you but also your family down. We can not promise that it will be easy but we can tell you that fasting can change your life. It changed ours !!
I’m on medication can I do a water fast? We do not recommend anyone who is taking medications to do a water fast. You will have to consult your medical professional at home to discuss water fasting with her/him before booking to stay and fast with us !!

Can I book a water fast at the Abadin with a friend?

Sorry our new old house is too small to accommodate more than 1person at the time. We also decided to only accommodate one person only to offer full attention and still being able to have enough time to look after our own needs. As you know Shirley has serious healthproblems although everything is under control and dormant for the last 3 years now, she still has to reduce her work load and stress. So one Fasting guest at the time is what we decided to dedicate our time to.

Who can do water fast at the Abadin Water Fasting Facility?
To provide the right environment for water fasting we do not accept the following individuals:
1. Individuals working or conducting business of any sort while fasting. 2. People who suffer from various conditions as PTSD, mental illness or taking medications. Fasting can occasionally trigger negative symptoms and we can not accept anyone under these conditions.
3. Individuals with any condition/infection that releases pus, ooze, skin, or anything else that might compromise the health of other guests as well as the cleanliness of our facility.

Can my illness or pain be healed with a water fast?
Water fasting can remove or reduce pain and effects of illness. We of course can not promise or guarantee that healing will be happening since every body and condition is different. A fast will give you a break and will eliminate toxins and impurities that are damaging your body. What to expect at the beginning of a water fast? A feeling of lethargic, tiredness or headaches are normal. The first and second days are usually the most difficult. Every fast is different even if you are experienced. Your energy will fluctuate, and you will need time to rest throughout your fast.

How to know it is my time to break my water fast?
As experienced water fasters, we are familiar with the signs that it is time to break fast. Some are: not being able to digest water, your pulse rate, not losing any more weight, too much acidity coming up, etc. Although most people meet their fasting goals, you will need to break fast when we say you need to, even if your goal has not been met, if we see the fast is becoming unsafe. We then will start the re-feeding process for the initial 2 days but we will not be able to accommodate you after the 2 days of re-feeding.

How can I entertain myself during water fasting?

We encourage you to enjoy relaxation music in our lounge room, read and write. You are welcome to bring your tablet or laptop if it helps you, we do provide wifi access. Your room also has TVs and DVD player and we offer a video library as well as a small book selection. But make sure you bring things to help you stay active while you are here, such as audio books, books, crafts, puzzles, sudoku books, sketchbook. We also offer private Art Therapy Sessions, you can book them with your fasting retreat through out online secure booking system.

When is the best time to water fast?
Any time is a good time to water fast. Because the body temperature drops slightly during a water fast, bringing extra clothes and a blanket.

What kind of water do you provide?
The water is filtered refreshing, crisp, and perfectly pure for your water

How much weight can I lose on a water fast?
The longer the water fast, the more weight you can lose but it will of course also depends on your body. On average a person loses about 7 to 9 lbs. per week. When you break your water fast and return to eating
you will gain some weight back. How much weight will depend on the diet you return to. You can bring your own scale but we also provide a
digital scale for our guests.

Will medical physicians supervise my water fast?

No, there are no medical professionals or physicians to oversee your fast. The owner will oversee your fast who are personally experienced
with water fasting for various extended periods of times.

Can I practice silents during the time of water fasting?

Yes, you can have a silent retreat too. We will respect if you prefer a more private setting. Please let us know when you arrive and check in.

Is it possible to schedule a private consultation during my water fast

Yes, we do offer one 20-minute sessions per day if needed.

What should I expect?  I’ve never done anything like this before.

Our Abadin Fasting Retreat Ontario is a tranquil place promoting self-exploratory experience and self-improvement. We offer to share the comfort and relaxation of a century old private residence with you. Even if you have never done a water fast you will gain tremendous
insight about yourself. Expect to increase your willpower, strengthen
your confidence, heal your body, purify your soul, learn about yourself,
and expand your consciousness, peace, & happiness.

Why don’t you encourage shared rooms during water fasting?

Because of the nature of water fasting, we ourselves have experienced that sleeping patterns change during a fast and this can be
uncomfortable for guests sharing a room. Also our move to this much
smaller 140 year old home allows us to only accommodate 1 guest at the time.

Signs on when to end the fast.

First: your tongue may change color from white, to yellow, to even black during the fasting process. The moment it reverts to a healthy
pink, you know autophagy has done its job, and you’re ready to return
to food.
Second: your energy and glucose will go up and down during the fast, but as soon as you experience fatigue that lasts more than only a
single day, your body might be ready for nourishment.
Third: or your weight loss could come to a halt, this could be a sign to break your fast.


During a water fast your body’s digestive system is in a state of resting, this means that enzymes normally produced by the digestive system have ceased to be produced or have been diminished greatly,
depending on the type of fast performed, so introducing food slowly
allows the body time to re-establish this enzyme production.
The protective mucus lining of the stomach may be temporarily
diminished as well, making the stomach walls more vulnerable to
irritation until it also returns to normal.
When re-introducing food to your digestive system, the biggest mistake often is overeating !
Since your body’s digestive system went through substantial changes,
immediate overeating following a fast is the worst you can do to
yourself. This could result in nausea, stomach cramps and even in
It is imperative to help your body to readjust to digesting food.
A general rule of thumb is to consider about half the days of the fast
for your body to ease back into the digestive process. Fasting 6 days >
3 days for reintroducing food.

What kind of foods would be recommended to break your fast?
Your body lived of your own resources for days , although your own fat and protein debris are highly nutritional they also contain toxins which your body had to process and eliminate which is hard work. When
going back to feeding your body you want to only use the most
nutritional and high quality foods.

We always suggest to make sure to use organic and raw foods as much
as possible.
Having said that, what can and should you eat to break your fast?

Foods suggested are:
– raw fruits and vegetables
– bone or vegetable broths
– fermented foods like raw sauerkraut, or miso or combucha
– cooked vegetables and vegetable soups
– later nuts and eggs (eggs can be too much for some people and we
suggest out of experience that one should wait a bit to reintroduce
animal protein)

Raw fruits are most common used food to break a fast we aim for a
less surgery solution and offer more vegetables and less fruits.
It is important to pay close attention to signs your body gives you.

– Watch for any kind of reaction of maybe a mild allergy , which could
mean you have moved too far too fast, or you reintroduced a food your
body does not do too well on.

– Doing water fasting gives your body a break from foods we might not
have done well with to begin with but after a fast it could show more
substantially that our body does not like to have to deal with this food,
after being sensitized.

To make it easier on your system, begin with frequent smaller meals at
about every 2 hours and work your way up to 3 meals or only 2 meals a
day (if you have an intermittent lifestyle)

Make sure to chew your food well! To chew well keeps your food longer
in your mouth where you inject your own bodies probiotics and enzymes which is important to predigest and help your body to get back to an active digestion.

“Digestive enzymes play a key role in nutrient absorption. These
compounds are secreted by various glands in your stomach, small
intestine, pancreas and oral cavity. After you eat, they break down
nutrients into molecules that can be easily absorbed into your
bloodstream and then used for energy. These proteins are involved in
over 4,000 biochemical reactions. For example, the enzymes secreted
by your salivary glands begin to break down starches when you chew.
Therefore, the digestive process starts in the mouth.” Healthy Eating


4 night stay for a 3 day fast for 1 Person in a Bedroom is $ 646

7 night stay for a 6 day fast for 1 Person in a Bedroom is $ 1113

Book or Inquire Here : We are sorry but we have decided to retire

All prices include : purified water, private consultation of 20 min.,
access to book and video library, printed information material about
fasting and latest research, two re-feeding meals and tea / coffee at
the end of the water fast.

All prices are subject to changes without notice.

Our Booking and Cancellation Policy applies and has to be accepted
when booking.

What is your reputation as an accommodation?

Abadin Fasting Retreat – Trip Advisor Rating

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More information about scientific research on Fasting and
Autophagy (healing and self cleansing of the human body promoted by


Abadin Water Fasting Retreat, Ontario Health and Detoxification

Medical Disclaimer

The information contained within this program is based upon the
knowledge, personal experience and opinions of Ed & Shirley Lindemann, unless otherwise noted.

The program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any
disease, or be used as the basis for treating a particular symptom or
disease, or to replace any prescribed treatment that you are currently
under going.
We do not make any medical claims whatsoever.
Information given is not intended to be used for medical purposes,
diagnostically, therapeutically or otherwise. Neither is it intended to
replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care
professional and is not intended as medical advice.
It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the
extensive research and practical experience of those mentioned above.
We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon
your own research and in partnership with a qualified health care
If you have a serious health condition, you should always first consult a
qualified medical practitioner. None of the dietary supplements or
nutritional products discussed on this Site are intended to diagnose,
prevent, treat, or cure any disease or illness. I understand and agree
that no medical claims have been made in relation to this program and
if a decision is made to leave sooner than planned, a refund is not
available. Abadin Fasting Retreat and Councelling Ontario

Water Fasting Reviews

Mindy wrote a review Sep 2019 1 contribution2 helpful votes Fasting at Abadin is superb! I did a 7-day water fast + 3 days re-feeding... Read More "Water Fasting Reviews"


water fasting contact

We have disabled the contact form since we have retired but want to still keep

the website packed with information open to the public.

Please feel free to read the comprehensive information on our website.

We will not be able to give advise or answer questions. We sadly had to

experience that the many phone calls and emails for support and questions had become

too overwhelmingly time-consuming.

Thanks for your understanding

Shirley & Ed

Abadin Water Fasting Retreat

London Area, Ontario.


Water Fasting Reviews

Mindy wrote a review Sep 2019 1 contribution2 helpful votes Fasting at... Read More "Water Fasting Reviews"

My Healing Story

Healing through Water FastingMy (Shirley) battle with Wegener’s Granulomatosis and healing through Fasting

I am suffering from a deadly and “incurable” autoimmune illness and almost died  December 2016 because of massive hemoptysis (Lung bleeding). The life expectancy was stated as 3 months to 1 year if Chemotherapy and Steroids wouldn’t show effect.
I went through emergency open lung surgery and was diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis. This was end 2016 beginning 2017 and I am still alive and thankful for it.
So I was put on chemotherapy and a high dosage of steroids to prevent my body from liquifying and destroying my inner organs. My bleedings stopped but I gained 45 pounds in a few months, a typical effect steroids have on the body.
Early summer 2017 my specialist called me and told me to reduce my new immune suppressant medication immediately by 30 percent . My blood work had taken a turn to the worst and she was very concerned about the possibility that I might slide into leukaemia, also my liver had 3 times the highest excepted value.
While researching how to help my body to get through all of this poison I had to swallow and got through IVs I came across Intermittent Fasting (IF) and read the books from Dr. Jason Fung a nephrologist from Toronto. I was so impressed and all this gave me so much hope that I started IF.
I had started fasting at the same time my meds had been reduced. We, Ed (my husband and I) had fasted in our earlier years when we were still living in Germany but had neglected fasting when we had moved to Canada.
Over 8 biweekly blood tests we had noticed that every time I fasted 20/4 (20 hours water only and 4 hours of feeding window) my bloodwork showed improvements but when I went for vacation and dropped IF as low as 12/12 (12 hours fasting and 12 hours eating) my blood work did not show the same effect.
So at my last consultation with my specialist she had told me that it was puzzling to her on why IF (intermittent fasting) might have such an influence but I should “keep doing what I am doing there…”
She gave me 4 more weeks or I would have to stop the meds to prevent me from getting leukaemia if things would not get better.
I was fasting mostly 20/4 or EF (extended water fasts for several day at the time) and my last blood work improved continuously  … I am out of the danger zone in my WBC, Neutrophils and Lymphophils. and I have lost 65 pounds in the first  7 months fasting.
My Specialist agreed to my wishes to take me off all medication for a trial period of a few months of ONLY trying to re-set my immune system and heal myself through fasting and therefore 
autophagy ! (this was at the end of 2017 and to this day  I am still off ALL medication Wegener’s Granulomatosis , Lupus and even my asthma meds )
If I could have done it safely I would have celebrated with a glass of champagne , but that would have jeopardized my liver and it is not worth the trouble. I have posted this also in the other IF groups I am a member of .
I am sharing this very personal experience because I hope it will inspire others who fight the same or a similar illness or just want to improve their overall health. If there is only one person who will now try to fast for their own health , it’ll make this write up all worth it.
Thanks for reading and I wish you good health!

Update April 2019 – I received a call from one of my doctors that they had found cancer cells (early stage) in my left breast tissue.
I therefore did increase my fasting days to 21 every other month. And I will investigate to implement medical and supplementary treatment of cancer which is stated in 
Chris Beat Cancer” by Chris Wark as well as How ToStarve Cancer” by Jane McLelland

Update 08 April 2022 – I thought an update was needed. After we have moved 2 more times with lots of renovations on the 2 houses the had followed, I had become “lazy” in following my intermittent and extended water fasting regime, I had a relapse in fall of 2021 (Wegener’s Granulomatosis – lung bleeding) , meaning my lung bleedings had started again. Not as server as in 2016 but enough to have my Rheumatologist very concerned and she wanted to to get another round of chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide and also a daily Prednisone medication. I declined . I was not ready to give up on my self healing and going to poison my body again. So we had long discussions that (as she told me) I had to do something or It could end deadly. We agreed on one 2 IV treatments of Rituximab (A sort of “BIO Chemotherapy” a monoclonal antibody medication used to treat certain autoimmune diseases) this was supposed to work as an immediate intervention to stop my lung bleedings by suppressing my autoimmune attack and it worked. But I did not agree to a long term Prednisone (steroid) treatment. Instead I am trying to get my fasting regime back on track. As of today I am in my 3rd day of another water fast.


We ask you to read our comprehensive information – I am sorry but I will not be able to reply to email questions . We also will not be able to give supervision or answer questions by phone. We sadly had to experience that the phone calls for support and questions became too overwhelmingly time-consuming . Thanks for your understanding !