Water Fasting


We CLOSED  our Water Fasting Retreat

and retired but still try to maintain our website for further information for all the people out there who are aiming for self healing through fasting

We are   Ed & Shirley owners of the 

Former Fasting Retreat www.AbadinBandB.ca   which has now been transformed into the
Water Fasting & Intermittent Fasting Info at http://WaterFasting.ca

We said goodbye to our beautiful home and moved to a much smaller home build in 1880.

water fasting

IN 2019 WE HAVE MOVED TO A SMALLER PLACE We have made a decision to reduce from a 6 bedroom Inn to a 1bedroom Water Fasting Retreat and also to make the jump from the Ottawa area to the London, Ontario area. We bought a small house that was build in 1880  and therefore 140 years old and in need of serious TLC to become the little Water Fasting Oases we want it to be. We had planned to reopen in spring 2020 but then Covid happened. Because of the unfortunate events that had developed in regards to Covid-19 we will not reopening but close our doors for good !

We will keep our website so people can read up on what we have gathered on information. Water Fasting and Healing is one of the most innovative topics the modern mainstream medical world is now looking into more closely. Water Fasting, Intermittent Fasting and Healing as well as Extended Fasting and Healing has a fascinating centuries old history in all cultures. The main religions practice Fasting for as long as they exist.
Are you looking for an effective treatment to boost your metabolism – Fasting might be it. You want to feel light and healthy again – try fasting, or you need to lose those pounds you seem to carry around forever through fasting?        

We at the Abadin had offered water fasting the most natural and health conscious way for detox and weight loss on a very small and therefore personalized scale.
We provide comprehensive information here on our website. 
We will not be able to give supervision or answer questions by phone nor by email anymore because the phone calls and emails asking for support and questions had became too overwhelmingly time-consuming .

Thanks for your understanding !

And in the meantime take good care of yourselves and keep fasting !!

Ed & Shirley

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